Born and raised in England, I started traveling to Asia in my twenties. Over the years I've been pulled in both directions, going back and forth then back again. But for the last few years I've settled in beautiful, diverse and complex Indonesia.

My love for photography began in my early teens, but it wasn't until later that I studied photography formally at a London art college. Here I also learned about the art of developing, processing and printing from film - something even in this digital age, I believe that every photographer should experience.

In all my images, including the collections you see here, I try to capture what is special about the everyday. These are pictures of people leading ordinary lives, in sometimes extraordinary places, during moments of labour, rest, play, and prayer.

I spend my time in amongst people recording everyday events, capturing moments that can be easily missed. That said, beautiful scenes, whether countryside or town, are hard to resist also. A good picture is not necessarily just about being technically correct - it has a soul, tells a story and reveals a personality, mood, or situation. A good picture is honest.

I feel very lucky to have had my work exhibited at various art and photography events over the last few years, including seven solo exhibitions. But what makes me the proudest is when someone chooses my images for themselves personally - it's a privilege knowing that my prints are on the walls of homes and businesses in countries around the world.